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Castillo's Herbs and Vitamins
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Alternative medicine, also referred to as traditional or natural medicine, is a practice with huge popularity worldwide which has been passed downfrom generation to generation since ancestral times.

Dr. Maria R. Castillo, originally from tlaquepaque jalisco and is a registered naturalist, has years of experience in different types of curative practices, which she was taught by her grandmother Maria del Refugio Lopez ('Cuquita') who also taught her about many different herbs, plants, and naturalproducts that are good for ones health, aswell many forms of physical therapy for the body and soul, aromatherapy, Reiki massages, Reflexology, Iridology, floral remedies, Cupping, Biomagnetism and much more.

Dr. Castillo has an office in El Sereno, CA where she offers a vast selection of natural supplements, vitamins, herbs with curative properties, supplements for weight loss, treatments forthe digestive, endocrine, articular, circulatory, skeletal, immune, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems and much more.

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